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Protractor Reports

ShopPros™ Protractor Reports


Click to download ShopPros™ Protractor Dashboard Reports.   After you've downloaded the XML document, you'll need to import to dashboards in Protractor.


If you have any questions, more details are in the learning guide and video.

ShopPros™ Pop Quizzes

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Are you an All-Star boss?  Are on on top of your Marketing?  What about your knowledge as a shop owner in general? 


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Rex Remedies

Helpful information and guidance from one of our founding members and successful shop owner of Stop N Go in Burlington, Ontario, Rex Sarson.


Click Here to learn some of Rex's Remedies.

Click Here to hear Rex's 20 year overnight success story, or click here to access archived tidbits and tips.

Business Performance Inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to find out what is working and needs repair in your business operations. 

Please take your time and evaluate each item (this is not a test, it’s an inspection), then you can start diagnosing and repairing your business to make it healthy. 


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Automotive Webinar

Videos & Webinars

Subjects range from management, personnel, daily operations, marketing, trends, innovations, and more.


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Up-to-the-minute news, perspectives, and market trends.


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