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ShopPros™ Awards

San Diego, CA

Feb. 21, 2019


On February 21st in beautiful San Diego, California, ShopPros™ held its first annual awards presentation.  


Congratulations to all winners - the next awards will be presented in Chicago, IL in Fall 2019.   

Most Engaged Award

The Most Engaged Award was given to Jeff Hoff of Gears Plus in Prince George, British Columbia.


Prior to joining ShopPros, Jeff’s sales were $1.1M.  He was a very active member in NAPA ProShop.


Jeff joined ShopPros in 2016, with sales of $1.2M.  At the close of 2018, Jeff’s sales were nearly $1.9M with profits nearly 4 times his original operating profit.  Jeff makes great use of the ShopPros Online Learning Management System, and has adapted the ShopPros tools to drive every aspect of his business.  He approaches everything in the business with a “beginner’s mindset”.

Greatest Contribution Award

The Greatest Contribution to ShopPros Award was accepted by Rick Cloutier of LaSalle Auto Centre in Sarnia, Ontario. 


Rick makes the best use of the BusinessBuilder software out of all ShopPros Members.  He has completely engaged his staff through the use of the Tuckman Model.  


His recognized innovations include spectacular use of the paperless workflow program and creative use of Protractor reporting tools, including tightly integrating the Protractor POS System with ShopPros business practices.

Gary Gunn Award

Finally, the Gary Gunn Award for exceptional contribution was presented to Mike Brewster of Gil’s Garage in Burnt Hills, New York.  


Mike might just be running one of the most successful independent repair shops in North America, and, approaching $6M in annual sales with an increase of 10% from the previous year, is an excellent example of the sky being the limit with the proper systems and processes in place.  


And if that’s not enough, Mike also operates a second store about 20 miles away that achieves another $2.4M in it’s 5th year of operation.  Mike is an active member of his ShopPros advisory group; he is a regular attendee of the ShopPros 3-day events, always arriving early and staying late to help the local shops.