Our Systems Accelerate Success


  • Do you have time commitment contracts for your monthly program?


Not at all- You are not required to stay in our program for any set length of time, though of course we do recommend you stick to the commitment you've made to yourself to see your investment through to the results you want, and continue to raise your bar.  




  • When are your 3-Day Events? 


Generally around February, June and October.  We also rotate to the west, the east, and central North America (though we always try to go somewhere warm in the winter!) 




  • What makes ShopPros different than all of the other coaching companies out there?


Firstly, ShopPros is the only company with exclusive BusinessBuilder™ software.  This means that everybody is comparing apples to apples and benchmarking themselves with and against their peers.  There is no hiding with the BusinessBuilder™ software.

Secondly, we have years of collective experience working with hundreds of shops across North America- our systems and processes have, for decades, been tested, re-tested, and proven.




  • Are your webinars recorded and uploaded to a library for me to watch and listen to on my time? 


Yes, they are! All webinars are uploaded for streaming. They are made available to you by link (no clogging up your hard drive) via our online Learning Management System, closed Facebook page, and the Members forum.  




  • Do I have to attend all three Select Group Meetings per year? 


Absolutely not!  Though our Members have said they benefit very much from our live events, it's understandable that "life happens" too.  




  • I can't afford a coaching company right now.


There is no better time than now to start a behaviour change that we guarantee to make a difference in your business. 

In fact, we would be happy for the opportunity to evaluate your business at no charge (a Business Performance Inspection),  to see if and where there is opportunity for improvement. 




  • May I attend a Select Group Meeting for a test drive to see if I want to join? 


This is possible; to protect Member privacy, as our Advisory  Group meetings delve very deep into numbers,we would require   


  1. You to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Members of the group to approve attendance




  • Is there travel required to be a ShopPros Member? 


Absolutely not.  No travel and no travel costs are required. All coaching sessions, webinars, advisory group meetings, and support meetings are virtual.  We use online meeting software where we can see each other as we communicate - and sometimes we even forget who we have met in person versus online!   




  • Business is great - why would I need guidance?


Could business be better?  Are you making money despite yourself? 

Our coaches have the advantage of being a second set of eyes to evaluate your business, as they are not caught up in the day-to-day operations of running your shop. 

 Finally, our Coaches work with you with the BusinessBuilder™ software,  designed specifically for the automotive industry.   With BusinessBuilder™, you'll make educated decisions on everything from advisor training, marketing, labor rates, staffing, pre and post-service routines, to just about anything you, and your Coach, can think of.