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AdvisorPro™16 Front of the House Workshop

Service Advisor Training


Industry leaders facilitate this intense and interactive training over four weekly 4-hour online sessions totaling 16 hours of in-depth training, and you'll receive a recording of each session to use for future training.


This is one of our most popular workshops, and is guaranteed to increase Sales and Profits.


Your staff can attend from your shop, just like your advisory group meetings, saving valuable time and travel costs.


MarketPro™ is the all-in-one marketing plan and solution for automotive repair shops.  


Included in the MarketPro™ Exercise: 



  • Assessment of Current Position
  • Business Model Selection
  • Trade Area Delineation
  • Survey & Marketing Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Development & Action Plan
  • 365-Day Digital Marketing & Direct Mail Marketing Calendar

MarketPro™365 Ongoing Marketing Plan

Marketing Automotive

Once you've completed the MarketPro™ Exercise, you have the option of signing on for the MarketPro™365 program, our inclusive ongoing Marketing Program.

Included in the MarketPro™365 plan: 


  • 24/7 Access to the MarketPro™ Store with an additional 30% discount
  • Marketing Coordinator Access
  • SEO Assistance
  • Graphic Design
  • Assessing Campaigns & Results
  • Trade area refreshes
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Social Media Management
  • Texting Solution



1.  Gap Analysis


By looking at financial data for the previous two years, you will see exactly how your shop stacks up against the best of class benchmarks for independent repair shops of the same size and type.




2.  Survey & Action Plan


You will have a one-on-one session with a ShopPros coach to complete an in-depth analysis of your business. Once completed, the BusinessBuilder software determines what you are NOT doing that the top shops ARE and a list of recommendations is generated.

3.  Planning and Implementation


After selecting from the list of recommendations you want to implement into your business, each action is costed, ordered, timed, and assigned to a person on your team who will be responsible for overseeing execution.  



4. Control and Communications


Once the plan and actions has been finalized, BusinessBuilder acts like a control panel or cockpit in an airplane tracking progress every step of the way.  It even supports communications amongst your team as the action plans are executed and the targets are met.


Automotive Virtual Coaching

Online Personal Coaching

ShopPros™ uses state-of-the-art learning techniques, supported through one-on-one virtual Coaching and Performance Groups to promote skills development. 

Our step by step blended learning approach helps ShopPros™ members develop at their own pace. 


Skills and Competencies Learned: 

• Marketing & Sales 

• Financial Management 

• Facility Management 

• Workflow & Productivity 

• Inventory & Purchasing 

• Human Resources 

Retention Centre

Automotive Retention

Most repair shops have their service advisors performing every task that involves the customer. In this model, customer care can suffer dramatically as the advisors are pulled away from the customer to answer the telephone, set appointments, update vehicle status, cashier, follow-up and the list goes on and on.


Progressive shop owners today understand the importance of providing an incredible customer experience. They understand that future sales and customer retention are largely based on the experiences their clients have with the front counter.







This is a tough task when you realize that none of these customers want to be there in the first place. Something on their vehicle is broken or requires maintenance and it is an interruption to whatever they would rather be doing that day. Then when you start adding the irritations, such as not answering the phone, or being put on hold then sent the voicemail, many customers give up and call your competitor.



  • We believe the first contact with a new customer is the most important one.
  • We’re not trying to replace professional service advisors, just help them do what they do best, better.
  • Once we remove the routine and non-complex tasks from your front line, sales increase and the customer experience improves.
  • Our solution is almost always more cost effective then adding and training internal resources.
Automotive Website

Website Design & Management

Our goal is to help shop owners thrive in the automotive industry.  We help you get found online and we make sure your website is informative, relevant, and gets the exposure it deserves to bring cars through your door.


Our talented designers will work with you to build a tailored website that is favoured by search engines.  We fully support your brand's messages, and  we work to keep people coming back to your site.