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From the Heart:  The Mark Bergasse Story

There may be competitors, sometimes just a few blocks away from one another- but cooperation is often found in the midst of crisis.


ShopPros Member Mark Bergasse knows this all too well after having faced his biggest challenge yet. 


But three close friends and fellow ShopPros Members came to his rescue.


Along the way, they streamlined some of his processes, reassured his customers and staff, and led the business to its best November ever. 

Glenn Colling - Eastside Auto Service

Glenn joined the Eastside Auto Service team, a family owned business, in 1992. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Management & Marketing, Glenn took over the business when his dad semi-retired in 2000.


In 2014 Eastside beat out 1,100 competitors and was named top small business in the city of Oakville. 


After years of sales and business training, membership in 20 groups, Glenn joined ShopPros in 2004 to take the business to a higher level and added a second location.

Steve Thompson - The Auto Station

Steve owned and operated an automotive parts manufacturing plant for almost 30 years. 


On the recommendation of colleagues, Steve decided to acquire empty retail space and build an auto repair centre from scratch. The facility opened in 2013 with first year sales of $500,000.


With the help and support of ShopPros, Steve overcame many early challenges to drive growth and create a thriving business. 


Year end sales in 2017 approached 1.4 million.

"Systems drive the business, but people drive the systems."

-Harry Cousins-