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“If I Only Knew” Auto Care

“If I Only Knew” Auto Care




This story is about the perspective of a man driving in the right hand lane with his foot to the floorboard on the gas pedal. The speed limit was 50 mph, but his car would not go any faster than 20 mph.  Several drivers glared as they sped past. Some clenched their fists, uttering words he thankfully couldn’t understand. They had no idea that he was going as fast his car would allow. They unfairly judged him solely because of what they saw. If they only knew that auto care was needed!

Circumstances and situations aren’t always as they appear. Sometimes relevant information is missing or overlooked, while we all make assumptions. How often do we jump to the wrong conclusions because we failed to get all the facts?  How often have our thoughts about others been judgmental?

Our professional obligation as auto care specialists is to make sure every customer is aware of potential, safety, reliability and maintenance items needed on their car.  We don’t want our customers leaving still having issues, and saying, “If only I only knew.”

Another Perspective

One could draw another perspective from the statement, “If I only knew”. You may be looking back on your entrepreneurial seizure of opening your auto care facility, saying, “If I only knew then what I know now.” You didn’t know it was going to be this hard! Finding people, making money, leading, managing are harder than you thought they would be. Many factors make it difficult to live your dream enjoy ownership. Eventually, you’d like to sell the business, but retaining customers while staying current on technology stand in your way.

WOW…You might be saying, “If only I knew auto care was this demanding, I might have gone into plumbing, house painting, lawn care, roofing, dentistry, nursing, hotel management.”

The bottom line is that you must fall in love with your business again. Learn to adopt the mantra If I only knew auto care would this much fun!

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